Happy Birthday to the Piglet


December 14th was the Piglet’s birthday. We never planned anything major (have yet to even get him a present, poor thing). I was (still am) drowning in work and just could not summon up enough enthusiasm to throw a big shindig.

I did want to do something for him though, so I called a handful of tiny tots from our apartment complex who know him and served up some cake and snacks. At the last minute, I decided to do some decorations and play some music, and voila it was a party!

We all had such a great time – including the piglet. I mean most babies cry at their first birthday parties right? It’s pretty much de rigeur. Well, there was not so much as a wah from the piglet. He didn’t understand what was going on, and why there was this whole tamasha with strangers kissing him, and so much noise, and balloons, and cake, and everything but he didn’t let it throw him one little bit. That’s my little piglet for you – cool and composed.

Here are some pics from the party:

It turned out to be such a lovely time thanks to the snubnose’s enthusiasm (I swear she is totally growing to be a total party girl), and the piglet’s quiet cheerfulness. I love such impromptu fun times.

And now, back to work!!!

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  • He is grown up Nishita and looks so sweet n adorable ! 🙂 I am a bit late here but wish him a very happy belated birthday. Snubnose has grown up too 🙂

    • @Shweta: Thanks for the wishes. Yes, time flies, and it’s really visible when there are 2 small children in the house.

  • Prema

    Beautiful and, as usual, the kids look gorgeous!

  • Happy birthday Piglet! Those pictures are adorable.

  • Smita

    Belated birthday wishes to the cutiee pie!!!!

    • @Smita: Thank you so much 🙂

  • Looks like it turned out to be a fun party.

  • He is 1 already! time flies 🙂 And he is so so so cute… Love his snowman teddy and all the kids and there groovy moves 🙂 I still have not had a great celebration for Aarya’s 2 past b’days 🙂 But for his 3rd bday – i really want to invite his friends and do some fun party. I have some ideas, if only I can get it all done 🙂

    A very Happy Birthday to you, Appu! May God bless you with happiness, love, success and the closeness of loved ones, always.

    Aarya sends love and hugs to The Princess and the Prince 🙂

    PS – love his all formals looks 😉 He looks likes he means business 😀

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