Comedy Improv at the Opus

The Invite

The Invite

On Friday, I attended my first comedy improv show. This is a performance staged by Centerstage – a media movement company that is based out of Bangalore. Centerstage seems like an awesome platform for media artists to get a break. Currently, the situation is that if you are interested in films and theatre, you need to move to Mumbai to get a decent chance. Well, Centerstage seems to be making some efforts to change that.

Anyway, back to the main topic, the improv show. This was my first experience and so I don’t have anything to compare it to. All I can say is that I think I saw an amazing performance by a really talented bunch of actors.

As you can guess, a lot of the comedy is improvised on the spot. Members of the audience yell out some comic situations, and the actors on stage enact it out. My favorite comedy shtick was one about the 18 again gel – the new controversial gel that is supposed to make women feel 18 again. Two actors had to enact a situation where a girl goes to a chemist to buy this gel for her mother. This was probably the most hilarious act and had everyone rolling in stitches. Definitely, it was my favorite and was well worth the long trek to Opus (almost the other end of the city in hellish traffic).

I didn’t take too many photos, I was too busy laughing. I was also seated right in the front of the stage, and while the seating was great, I was hesitant to distract the actors by taking photos.

So, here’s the only photo I took at the end of the show when the actors were taking their bow.

Taking a bow

Taking a bow

After a long and stressful day, this was the perfect Friday night for me, chilling back with a beer in a relaxed atmosphere, and laughing at all the jokes and one-liners.

These improv performances happen on a regular basis in Bangalore, and a few other select cities, so if you are looking for a different (and more interactive) live entertainment, check out Centerstage India, you may just end up having a very lively and enjoyable evening.

Edited to add: This event was presented and sponsored by Black Dog Easy Evenings. They are presenting one more such event in Hyderabad on Dec 11th, and if you are interested, click on over to their Facebook page for more information.

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