You Never Know When You”ll Get Lucky – Book Review

You Never Know When You"ll Get Lucky -Priya Narendra

You Never Know When You”ll Get Lucky -Priya Narendra

Whew! What a mouthful of a book title!

Kajal is a copy-writer working in an ad agency in Delhi. She’s a typical sassy, confident young girl who is determined to work hard and get her long-desired promotion. Unfortunately, there are too many distractions in her life. There is Dhir, the suave investment banker from Mumbai who she meets, flirts with, and then realizes she has given him her number but no name. There is the neighbor – a reputed lech who turns out to be her saviour, and then there is the casual boyfriend who suddenly turns serious. Gosh! how is she going to juggle all these men and her career?

Well, after a few hilarious hiccups, she manages to do just fine, outperforming her colleagues in coming up for a smart advertising campaign for a condom brand (that’s where the title comes from ;)), and managing to snag her dream man as well. There’s really no reason she can’t have it all.

My review: I liked this book very much. It’s true chick-lit, light, easy to read, and real fun. This is the author Priya Narendra’s debut book, and the rawness shows in places – especially in the beginning, which tends to drag a bit. However, once I slogged through the initial 50 pages or so, the book really ups the ante and moves along very well.

I liked all the characters in the book. Kajal especially is a delight. She is one spunky and confident chick. Unlike some other famous chick-lit characters (Bridget Jones, I am looking at you), she really doesn’t neurotically obsess over her body, the hero’s thoughts about her, and so on, which is a welcome relief. And while she does want to meet her man and fall in love, it’s not really the reason for her existence. In short, she’s a fun chick that I enjoyed reading about.

The hero, and her friends however are a little clichéd. I don’t enjoy those books where every friend is neatly partnered up by the end of the story, and I didn’t enjoy it here either.

At the end of the day though, this is a good, entertaining book. It’s great for a quick and light read, without too much emotional drama to drag you down. Perfect for a train ride, or on a vacation. If you are interested, you can buy this book (on sale) from flipkart.

Thanks to Fingerprint books for sending me a copy of this book for review.

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    This sounds like the perfect serving of easy to digest chick-lit on a bright summer’s day 😉 Thanks for the review.

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