A Rockstar and Some Players


Wonder of wonders. I was actually able to watch a couple of movies recently – completely as opposed to tidbits. Unfortunately, both these movies were a bit of a mixed bag and neither fully lived up to either director’s previous efforts.

The first movie I saw was Rockstar starring Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri and directed by Imtiaz Ali of Jab we met and Love Aaj Kal fame.



Rockstar is a movie about a wannabe rockstar called Janardhan. He is pretty much a loser until he falls in love and goes through a lot of emotional heartache, which inspires him to compose quality music and achieve his ambition to be a rock star.

The story isn’t much but the cinematography, both the actors’ good looks, music, and Ranbir’s charisma save the day and salvage a movie that moves in fits and starts. I found the movie rather boring in the beginning, and Nargis Fakhri’s acting pretty terrible. But as the movie progresses, she gets better and the movie overall looks more coherent. And whatever her acting defects, she makes up for it with her radiant beauty. She reminds me of another Katrina Kaif and if she works harder on her acting, she could make a big impression.

I like the music composed by A.R.Rehman. It suits the film but I don’t think I would have cared too much for it if I had heard it alone. My favorite songs are the seminal Sadda Haq and the cheery Katiyan Karoon. The rest of the music is not really standalone.

Overall, the movie is good, but not great. It does not match up to Jab we Met, but it is not as awful as Love aaj Kal either. But, please Imtiaz Ali, next time you make a romance, can you please try to make it romantic? Still, it is a good movie and worth a watch.

The second movie I watched is Players.

Players Movie Poster

Players Movie Poster

Players is directed by Abbas Mustan (the kings of thrillers). I have watched and enjoyed most of their earlier movies starting from the excellent Baazigar to the recent Race. Players however is a real disappointment. It boasts a number of stars – Abhishek Bachchan, Bobby Deol, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Bipasha Basu, Sonam Kapoor, and a number of lesser known actors. I guess it’s just a question of too many cooks spoiling the broth.

What should have been a taut thriller turns into a rambling snorefest. Except for Neil Nitin Mukesh, all the actors sleepwalk through their roles. The music is wince-inducing, and the girls who are supposed to look glamorous merely look tacky. The plot is derived from the Hollywood movie – The Italian Job. However, the effort to make it palatable to Bollywood movie audiences falls flat on its face. The directors would have been better off sticking more closely to the Hollywood original. You know it’s a terrible thriller when you can guess every twist and turn of the story much earlier than the main players. A movie to avoid!

  • dmanji

    I had watched Rockstar a while back had liked Nargis Fakri and Ranbir no doubt played his part very nicely…. I think Imtiaz Ali couldn’t pull it together this time….didnot have a nice story I guess :)… A R Rehman was superb as always and Irshad Kamil the Lyricist was awesome ….

  • I recently watched Don 2 and Agneepath. I loved Don 2 because of its action-themed story and videography. However, Agneepath, for whatever reason, knocked me off.

    • @Sajib: Knocked you off? in a good way or bad? Heard that the story is pretty dated. I never saw the original movie but can’t believe that Hrithik would ever match up to AB

  • Sonam Kapoor in Players was downright annoying…Looked like a barbie doll with blue nail paint

  • Love your quick take on bothe of these films, I’ve added Rockstar to my rental list and I love Kartiya karoon too

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