The Tulleeho Book of Cocktails – A Book Review

The Tulleeho Book of Cocktails

The Tulleeho Book of Cocktails

I have never reviewed non-fiction on my blog. Doesn’t mean I don’t read them though.

I do peruse recipe/fitness/technology/child-rearing related non-fiction, but I don’t read them from cover to cover, which is why I feel uncomfortable recommending or dissing non-fiction. How can I comment when I haven’t really read for pleasure, only for knowledge, and that too specific bits of information?

I didn’t have a problem reviewing this book however – The Tulleeho Book of Cocktails by Tulleeho Inc. is a pretty awesome book that I devoured from page 1 to the end.

Why this sudden interest in cocktails? I don’t even drink all that much. However, my husband is quite the drink connoisseur and I have always fantasized about whipping up fancy stuff to entertain him and his friends…the only problem is that I am a novice and never knew where to start.

This book came in pretty handy for me. It starts off with a brief introduction explaining the different types of alcohols (rums, vodkas, whiskeys), the type of equipment required (different types of glasses, stirrer), and more requirements for garnishes (limes, fruits, spices).

It’s comprehensive enough that a user doesn’t have any nasty surprises waiting while mixing a drink. I have tried out so many food recipes and realizing midway through that I don’t have some essential ingredient so I am really grateful for this introduction. I also especially like the pictures that they have used to show what they mean. Remember, I am a novice, so I didn’t even have an idea what a shot glass is supposed to look like. So far, so good.

Now on to the recipes. There are plenty of recipes for all kinds of occasions, palates, and comfort levels. Even if you have never mixed a drink before, there are several cocktail recipes that are simple and goof-proof.

There are some pretty complicated recipes also for the more advanced. However, the techniques could have been explained in a little more detail. For example, there is a cocktail recipe that involves “flaming” a drink. Now, this is stuff I’ve seen bartenders doing in movies, and it definitely looks complicated and dangerous. I would have liked a bit more hand-holding in sections like these. But, that’s just a minor quibble. I do know that the next party I host is definitely going to include some cocktails from this book.

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