Trailer for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is Here


I always thought I’d give this movie a skip – difficult to stomach the rape and torture scenes I know will be there, but this trailer is tempting me to reconsider…

I think the trailer looks awesome, the casting inspired, am pretty sure the movie is going to be terrific. What do you think? And doesn’t the soundtrack rock?

And if you haven’t read the book by Stieg Larsson, which rock have you been hiding under? See my glowing review here and then go pick yourself a copy.

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  • I quite enjoyed the books, although, I’m apprehensive about the movie. I will be, with any book-to-movie adaptation.
    This seems interesting enough, to stand out pretty well on its own. Hope for the best!
    (What I mean is Sherlock Holmes was a brilliant movie, although it didn’t mirror books.)

    • @FuzzyLogic: I think what convinces me is how naturally tough she looks. She looks like how I would imagine the actual Lisbeth to look like. The background score is also excellent. And of course, repeating myself…but I am a big Daniel Craig fan, so this is going to be a must-watch for me.

  • Looks good.. Have you seen the swedish movies? I liked those, even though I did not like the books.

    • @Ava: No, I have not seen the Swedish movies. I never planned to watch the movies, because I hate to see sexual violence on screen.

      But, now, seeing Daniel Craig looking so hot….I just might change my mind 😉

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