A Fashion Giveaway


Normally, I feature only book giveaways on my blog, but well, books are not the only thing ruling my life. Like most girls, shoes (and clothes, and bags) are another obsession with me :D.

And I’m sure many among you may also share the same passion. So, for those fashion-loving bibliophiles, my twitter buddy Mae is hosting a shopbop giveaway on her blog –http://thereafterish.wordpress.com/2011/02/23/giveaway-100-shopbop-spree-gemma-redux-jewelry-wishlist/

Rush, rush, rush to enter the competition. And yeah, she has a real cool blog too 🙂

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  • Wow, this is really cool. Nice mention! Thanks! A whole post, too! <3333.

    Comment back with this URL, so I can keep track when I tally the entries! This is worth 4 entries!

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