Things are Starting to Look up…


This saturday I finished my final session of physiotherapy and finally got off my medication for all my RSI and back-related issues. It feels really cool but really odd at the same time. I started exercising with baby weights of 1kg each, and it just felt so weird! Normally, I would have been able to do those exercises in my sleep. But, now I am starting from scratch again – feel like a toddler trying to walk without helping hands 🙂 – that’s the closest analogy I can give to what I am feeling right now.

I have also kickstarted my running, and am glad to know that my running stamina and speed has not gone away. Starting my exercise routine, I hope will also banish the low-level depression that has been humming away in my brain for the past 6 weeks. The medications I was taking made me feel dull, sluggish, and ravenously hungry. Not a very nice feeling!

In addition, we got some good news today, that we were anxiously expecting for the last 2 months. This good news comes just in time to help us plan some fun stuff that we have in the offing. I know I am sounding unnecessarily mysterious, but I have been hoping for this to happen for so long that i don’t want to reveal any plans in advance and jinx them.

On the reading front, I zipped through The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest by Stieg Larsson. I enjoyed the book, but yes, it could have done with some editing. A detailed review will be coming up shortly.

Well, that’s all my updates for now! Back to the ever increasing pile of work on my head. Have to make up for some of the time lost when I was working at a much slower pace.

Working at Double-speed

Working at Double-speed

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  • Looks like you are being really productive with your time! Keep it up!


  • Hope you are feeling better now! Looking forward to the review!

  • I am keeping my fingers crossed that your good news and plans will work out very nicely. 🙂 Whatever they are.

  • You don’t have to share it your great news, I hope it works out all well! I think i really need to get back to my exercise routine, I dumped 1 and half years back.

    I need to read that last book too, I will be reading it sometime soon!

    Take it easy, and keep well.

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