A Spanish Celebration, a Kiss, and a Raving Insomniac


So, after weeks of suspense, Spain gets to take the World Cup home. Good for them. They are a good team, played consistently well, and deserved to win the World Cup.

Spanish Celebration

Spanish Celebration

I saw this shot of the World Cup trophy on Louis Vuitton’s official Twitter page. They have quite possibly managed to create the ugliest monogrammed monstrosity for this World Cup. Why oh why couldn’t they have decided to do something new instead of the same old mongram? All that gold hardware and the gold medal just makes this one of the most garish images I have seen. Even Tirupati Balaji does not shine so brightly!

The World Cup Trophy Encased in a Louis Vuitton Travel Case

The World Cup Trophy Encased in a Louis Vuitton Travel Case

After the match, there was an interview with the Spanish captain, which was surprising to say the least :). If you haven’t seen it already, catch the clip below:

At first, I thought he was kissing some random interviewer babe, and I was like uggh! It was only when I read today’s Bangalore Mirror article written by Anuja Chauhan (my fave Indian chick-lit author) that I realized that she was his girlfriend, and now it just seems like the cutest moment 🙂

What do you think? Too much PDA, or simply sweet?

And now, comes the raving insomniac…

The night after the World Cup, I was happy that I could at last get a good night’s sleep after nearly a month of sleepless nights staying up watching the matches (totally worth it, though :)).

Unfortunately for me, all these late nights have resulted in a severe case of insomnia. The past couple of nights I could not sleep till 3:00 AM just because my body has gotten used to this routine:(.

Hmmm…will try to hold off for a couple more nights and see. If I am still not able to get my zzzzzs, then it may be time to fake a cold and glug some Benadryl, and sleep like a baby 🙂

In the meantime, excuse me if you see some sleep-deprived rambles here or on my Twitter feed 🙂

  • dmanji

    It has always been liked that after every world cup final …like now what ..wait for another four years 🙁 …

  • Great idea, thanks for this post!

  • I think, sweet. Bless them–although not having followed the World Cup at all, I am still sad that Ghana didn’t win. I really wanted Ghana to win.

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