The World Cup Match I Enjoyed Most so far


All this while I have been a staunch supporter of Brazil but they haven’t really been playing exciting football this time. Sure, they have been winning so far, but still something seems to be lacking in the team. They seem to have started playing boring football. I was so enthusiastic about the Portugal vs Brazil match, but it was such a boring washout. Who would have thought a Brazil match could be so dull and cautious?

And then, after yesterday’s Germany vs England game, I think I have found a new team to root for. Forget the standard defensive game they usually play…last night’s German offensive was fantastic.

Just take a lookie at this incredible goal from Thomas Muller. This was one of two goals that he scored in a space of 4 minutes? in yesterday’s game:

The video doesn’t really do justice to the speed at which the Germans covered the ground. The English defensive players just could not keep up at all.

Yes, there were glaring refereeing errors, but still all said and done, Germany was the better team by far. The English defense was pathetic from the opening moments, and really showed their age. They just could not keep up with the young German attack.

A Downcast England Team

A Downcast England Team

I wish I could say the same for the Argentina vs Mexico match :(. It was actually a pretty close game until a glaring referee error gave a goal to Argentina. Unfortunately, the Mexicans who had played a very tight game till then (in fact dominating control of the ball) started to fall apart and buckle under the pressure. Really sad to watch.

Now, really looking forward to the Germany vs Argentina clash in the round of 8. Both teams are well-matched and tough competitors. Both teams had favorable refereeing in their matches last night to help them out a bit.

Really eager to see how the next match pans out.

So, who are you rooting for?

  • Germany is always my favorite, but I was sad for the disallowed goal, as that could have turned the game a little more exciting , instead England became frustrated I guess and the whole game turned one-sided. And I don’t know what the hype was about Rooney !!! he didn’t score any goals for the past 8 matches !! Though I am never a fan of Argentina but I like the way Tevez is plying, though people are all hyped about Messi…

  • The Germans were awesome. Disallowed goal was sad but I doubt if 2nd half would have been different. England were not creating anything other than shooting from distance. Luv the Germans thru and thru.

  • Will root for Brazil for sure….. yesterday’s German V/s England encounter was a first good game of this worldcup 2010… best thing I liked about the young Germans was they were much more organized right from the beginning …I mean they broke through the English defense so many times but English players too exposed the German Defense’s lapses several times so they really need to be careful with Argentina and specially the Argentine strikers and playmakers who can match German speed….

  • Sandeep

    I just read your blog accidentally, you are going gaga about Germany . If you look at the figures that wont tell you the original story . Except the podolsky goal all the other scored by Germans are from counter attack, and that is because the stupid referee didnt see the second goal hit by England which turned England on and they were on an all out attack mode( which i agree was stupid). But all the other attempts made by GERMANS WERE very poor and they couldnt get past the England defenders. but believe me if the referee would have given the second goal the match would have been different . i agree with you Germans utilized the opportunity well but England were not as horrific as scoreboard says. (I am also Brazil fan and i know very well that this team is a shadow of wat brazil talent used to be but im still rooting for them because despite all bullshit plans by Dunga to change the brazilian style of play there are still some player there in that team , who know the beauty of their game and are dedicated ). Well England may deserve this but definitely not in this fashion and moreover fuck that son of a bitch rooney who play only for ManU.

    • @Sandeep: I beg to differ, I thought the Germans were classy throughout and had the English on the back foot throughout the game, but that was my perception.

      Granted Lampard not being granted the goal was bad, but I personally don’t think that the fate of the match hinged on that non-goal. But that’s my personal opinion. And I don’t think anyone can predict with any certainty what would/would not happen if that goal had been granted.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog 🙂

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