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I have been very lax about acknowledging the awards this blog has received; not because I don’t care about awards but because I really find it hard to word my thanks graciously. I have long had a problem with accepting compliments gracefully…all these years of my life have not cured me of dismissing the compliment with a casual “it was nothing” really, or “this old thing has been lying in my cupboard for years” or something on those lines, thereby dismissing the compliment casually and pretending that I am not thrilled to bits and flying on cloud 9.

Well, I don’t want to make the same mistake with my blog. So, I loudly assert that I AM SO EXCITED AND HAPPY to be receiving all these glorious awards from you wonderful bloggers out there.

Of course, with awards comes a little responsibility – to fulfill the terms of the award and pass it on to other bloggers.

The first award I received is The Honest Scrap award from Sumana and Vaishnavi

Thanks, you guys

Thanks, you guys

For this award, I need to list ten facts about myself and pass it on to ten other bloggers. So, here are some honest facts:

  • I am the quiet, smiling person in the office who is cheerful, but mostly keeps to herself. I wish I could be the extrovert but I am not.
  • I over-indulge my daughter almost to the point where she is spoilt.
  • I love exploring new things – whether different genres of books, sports, restaurants, whatever…I hate monotony. The only thing I am not fond of is trying out new electronic gadgets, but even that is changing a little bit.
  • I hate watching TV but I love watching movies.
  • I am addicted to blogging so much so that sometimes I do certain activities just for the sake of blogging about it later 😉
  • I love taking photos, but am too lazy to upload them anywhere so they just remain in my camera taking up unnecessary space. I generally don’t even look at these photos later.
  • I always make new resolutions every month only to postpone them for the next month. But, this year, knock on wood, I have kept all my monthly resolutions :).
  • I love to drive so much so that even traffic jams don’t faze me. In fact, I simply love to go out. I hate staying at home on weekends, get really depressed…
  • I love my career – I mean I simply love it. I get paid for writing, could you imagine anything more awesome!! I write technical manuals but even then, I GET PAID FOR WRITING!! And I never even planned it that way :).
  • I am an inner shopaholic. By that I mean I always dream about the beautiful stuff I want to get for myself/house/snubnose/Kalyan, but when I see the price tag, I always back out. And unfortunately, the price is usually quite high. All my friends tell me that I always gravitate to the most expensive thing in the store; and when everything else looks ordinary, then I decide that I just won’t bother at all.

Well…those are my ten honest facts. I now pass on this award to other bloggers:

The next award I received is the Beautiful Blogger award from Vaishnavi

The Beautiful Blogger Award from Vaishnavi

The Beautiful Blogger Award from Vaishnavi

I pass on this award to:

  • Kals
  • Bermuda Onion
  • Shweta
  • Veens
  • Sumana
  • The last award I received is the Thank you award from Megz:

    The Thank You Award

    The Thank You Award

    This award I pass on to all the regular readers and commentators on my blog. You know who you are :). Sincere thanks for visiting my blog and and tolerating my ramblings, which sometimes can be a bit random.

    Thanks a lot you guys…

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  • sup wat is yo MySpace name?

  • I shouldn’t be surprizing so hard at that.

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  • Mae

    I HATE driving with a passion. It doesn’t help that I’m not the most terrific driver. It stresses me out and I drive purely to get from A to B.

    I’m an introvert too. It’s just because I’m not really a fan of oversharing. I really don’t need to know what somebody’s dog ate for dinner or somebody’s boyfriend’s rashes…

    And I wish I had your career! But mine isn’t too bad at the moment. 🙂

    Thanks heaps for the award but I already did it last year. 🙂 If you’re interested in my answers, here’s the link – http://madbibliophile.wordpress.com/2009/12/17/an-honest-scrap-meme/

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  • Eva

    Thanks for the award! 🙂

    • @Eva: You’re very welcome 🙂 I enjoy reading your blog

  • hey Congrats & thanks 🙂

    And it was nice knowing more about you !!! Inner Shopaholic is a new thing for me hehehe 😀

    Psst!!! Sometimes I used to do certain things so that I cud blog about them 😉 and I wish I could get paid to write!

  • Thanks so much! 🙂

  • Congratulations..and thank you so much..
    I am with you on hating monotony.. and you are blessed that you love what you do at your workplace, many people go to work and they don’t like it..I love my work too, though it’s only 3 days. a week, but if I had to go everyday maybe it would not have been the same..
    and upload your photos, your readers would love to see them 🙂

  • Congratulations on all of your awards! Everyone in my family loves exploring electronic gadgets, which isn’t necessarily good, because they’re expensive. I’m so flattered that you passed on of the awards on to me. Thanks so much!

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