Cocktails for Three


I have always liked Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic books and so last week, while browsing the chick-lit section at Eloor Library, when I came across a series of books written under her actual name – Madeleine Wickham, I just had to try one.

I picked up Cocktails for Three randomly just because it sounded light, fun, and frothy. And that is exactly what it is. The story is pretty simple and straight-forward with a very basic plot. Three friends and co-workers each with a secret of their own meet every month for cocktails. The heroines’ stories unfold after one such meeting. Maggie is due to have a baby at any moment, Candice is about to run into a ghost from her family’s sordid past, and Roxanne is in a relationship with a married man.

When Candice rekindles a friendship with a childhood buddy, a series of events are set into motion, which tries the friendship of the three girls and makes them all reconsider what is important to them.

My take on this book

To me, this is superior chick-lit primarily because men have little role to play. There is romance in the novel, but really it plays second-fiddle to the actual story- how these girls manage to support each other through their mistakes and bad decisions.

I also loved the characterization of the three girls. I could identify with them at all stages – even Roxanne the girl in an affair with a married man did not come out sordid! I especially loved Maggie – the career woman who is struggling as a new mother. There is a moment when she admits she is terrified of leaving the hospital after the delivery and facing taking care of the baby at home. As I was reading this passage, I was chuckling to myself and nodding along – yeah! totally been there and understand that. Candice is also very sweetly written. She comes across as a bit too naive, but I have also been that person once, so she also resonated with me.

In short, I absolutely loved this book. It was just what I needed to read right now and I am planning to check the library for more Madeleine Wickham.

I do think my love for this book might be colored a bit because I could relate it so well to my personal experiences and my relationship with my friends. This book may not suit everyone’s tastes but it suited mine, just fine 🙂 .

4 Responses
  • bedazzled
    March 8, 2010

    i didn’t like this book that much …nothing like Confession series !!

  • Colleen (Books in the City)
    January 29, 2010

    I loved this one! I also recently read the Gate Crasher by Wickham and liked that one too – pick it up if you have the chance.

    • Nish
      January 31, 2010

      Thanks or the recco, Colleen :). I will look up “The Gatecrashers” on my next trip to the library

  • alitareads
    January 27, 2010

    I really enjoyed this book too. It was my first Wickham book, and have been meaning to read more since.

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