Kicking off a Weekend of Celebrations!


Today is a double whammy of a day. Not only is it my blogoversary, but it is also my wedding anniversary.

I started blogging 3 years back when I just had to record a particularly blissful day trip to Pondicherry. And thus, a blog was born!

How do I celebrate??

For my blogoversary, I am hosting a fun giveaway. However, hopelessly behind me has not thought/planned ahead, so I will be hosting a giveaway but probably a little bit later once I am a bit sorted in life and work. Have a little more patience with me, por favor…

My wedding anniversary celebrations are also getting postponed because Mr. K has a couple of highly stressful telecons to attend this evening.

So, today evening will be a quiet one sitting watching TV on mute, while anxiously noting Mr. K’s stress levels go steadily up.

This weekend, we have 3 birthday parties that the snubnose absolutely “HAS” to attend. There is a Children’s Day celebration also as well. In between ferrying her around to different destinations, we hope to have a quiet dinner or lunch outside. Let’s see how much luck we have with that!

I can’t wait for next year when our anniversary will fall on a Saturday 🙂

Blog Thoughts!

Today, I was randomly going through my old posts; and feeling pleasantly surprised by the variety. Pat on the back for me!

Although I mainly review books, I have also reviewed films, posted topics pertinent to blogging, and shared quite a bit about my life. I have also improved on my blogging frequency, and I think even the quality of my writing has improved a bit. I find that I write more fluently and quickly; and am now able to crank out posts with hardly any effort.

Since, my day job is also as a writer (albeit of a different kind), writing faster has helped me professionally as well.

The Year Ahead!

I am not sure that I am uber ambitious about my blog, per se. I would like to write more book reviews. I also want to add some lighthearted wit to my blog. I feel I cannot write funny; in person I can crack a joke quite well, but somehow that doesn’t translate to writing.

I also want to try my hand at writing fiction. So many of my blogging buddies are taking part in the Nanowrimo that I am feeling quite inspired myself. I need to be honest though and say that it may not be realistic. I already have my hands full with my current job, looking after the snubnose, and writing this blog.

I’d also like to put myself on a better review schedule. I’m finding that I have put too many books on Mt. TBR (To Be Read), and as life is prone to do, I get busy and can’t accomplish or keep track of all I need to read. There is a slight intimidation factor for me in book blogging, as many bloggers read much more voraciously than I do. I don’t think I read slowly, but I do get side tracked pretty easily, and find that I have to read on my own terms.

I also would like to change the look of my blog. I am thinking about getting into self-hosting, but I don’t have the courage just yet. However, I would like to continue playing around with the look of my blog.

Last but not the least:

Thanks and hugs for everybody who has visited, read, and commented on this blog. Through your posts and comments, I’ve had the chance to meet and discuss books, topics, and general chit-chat.

For every one of you who have stopped by and commented on a review, posted a kind word, or passed on an award…thanks. You are all too wonderful!

And watch out for the upcoming giveaway!

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  • dmanji

    Belated Wishes for your Wedding anniversary !!! and Congratz for Blogoversary !! 3 years great ! Look forward to read more of your Book Reviews and other good posts 😀 … I read them though may not comment always 🙂

  • Ana

    Happy belated wedding anniversary!!

  • Great things usually have a mild spark!!! And your blog has a versatility which can readily be noticed. Happy anniversary to you and your blog!!!

    Happy blogging!!

  • hey dear wishing you very happy anniversary..And love your review as am also into books ,so kinda drop in to read few reiews ..

  • Hey dear !!!wish you a very Happy anniversay!!!may god blss yu both ..And way to go for your blogs…

  • Is the time right at your blog?? I posted my comment at 10.06 pm and it is showing 4.36 pm!! 🙂

  • Congratulations on your both the Anniversaries!!
    Hope you have a great wonderful time!!
    You changed the look of your blog!! Its simple and sober! I guess, I liked the earlier one better! :p
    Looking forward to your fiction!! Go for it!! 🙂

    • Thanks…it looks like there is some problem with the time. Should check it out sometime.

      Ya, I changed the theme because at times I noticed that the old theme would take time to load…and also because, I love changing things around 😀

      I will probably change this one too in a couple of months!

  • bibimukh

    Congratulation!!! on both aniversaries.. Hope, you have an wonderful celebration with you husband later and about your blog, what can I say, it’s wonderful and keep it coming…….
    Sumanam from “I read” at

  • Congratulations on both , blogoversary and ur wedding anniversary. Hope u have a great time. COming to giveaways. I have one on my blog. It’s international , so u can enter. 🙂

    • Thanks for letting me know…I have visited and commented 🙂

  • occasionalhumanity

    Congratulations! Have a great wedding anniversary and blogoversary!

    • Thanks, Anirudh 🙂

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