Scintillating Convo on Bowling


rolling-eyes-icon-picks-1085394_75_75 Went bowling with office friends yesterday. Came back home really excited and chirpy and blurted out:

Me: I had a great time bowling today. You know I bowled really well!
Hubby: That’s great, did you make a strike?
Me: Ya, several times, I was very consistent today!!
Hubby: Wow, what was your score?
Me: I scored 42!!
Hubby (scratching head): Huh…but if you got several strikes, you should have scored more than 100…
Me: Oh! you mean strike as in “strike all the pins in one throw”. I meant that I actually hit the pins today
Hubby: Rolls eyes and picks up paper

One of those Suppandi moments in my life 🙂

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