Dhoni vs Teddy: Which is cuter?

  • rajaram

    hai dhoni i am u r greatest and big fan

  • wish u happy mereed life but not forget u r childern life how to come this pazition now what are do? what work pending now what are u doing after what do

  • chaitali

    wish u a very happy brithday in advance.

  • rajiv

    dhoni is a terror batsman and keeping so well.
    dhoni is good caption

  • chaitanya

    hi .. nishtak.wordpress.com who visitrs dis i hate u because no comaprssion b/w dhoni &teddy.iam fan of always support dhoni

  • revathi

    hi dhoni iam your fan…..

  • revathi

    hi dhoni iam your fan,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Dhoni u perform outstanding in I.P.L 2010, thr is no one to beat u in I.C.C ranking…..
    Dhoni i like u …. I miss u …. I luv u…

  • Dhoni u r a great cricketer ……u r an idol 4 all youngsters@@@@

  • aman

    hi who r you

  • hi i lv u

  • anand

    hai iam from chennai.we love u very dhony u must bat on 3plz………….

  • ABHI


  • teju

    i like u very much ur very stilish cricketer in india team i like ur hair style i love to……………………..

  • Umm, Dhoni can be called hot/cute/good-looking only when talking about Indian cricketers, who in general are not stunners.

    Otherwise Dhoni is pretty meh.

    • Yes, as such there is nothing spectacular about him. But, I guess his achievements have made him very attractive.

      However, my daughter has just turned 3, and she has no idea who / what he is. However, she still thinks he is a prince among men…very strange, non?

  • dhoni is so cute that i just cant tell anyone.He is my cutie pie.

    • Well…Jojo, your secret is safe with me 🙂

      Thanks for visiting!

  • I love Dhoni. But he isn’t cute! He’s hot.

    Btw, I don’t like your new header.

    • I agree, he’s hot 🙂

      Hmm…I am getting mixed responses on the header…I am planning to create a new home-grown one…let’s see how it turns out

  • seriously i dunno wat that means…LOL..

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