Is Nishita a bad Word ?


I always find it an amusing exercise when I find out the search terms that people have used to reach my blog. Sometimes, they are bang on target and my blog offers them exactly what they are looking for.

And sometimes, they are so hilariously off-target. Yesterday, an enquiring mind had keyed in “Is nishita a bad word?” in Google and then landed up on my blog.

So dear enquiring mind, if you still have not received a satisfactory answer to your query…here goes…

Nishita is not a bad word. It is my name and my name cannot be a bad word. If you do a Google search, you inevitably realize that:

  • Nishita means sharp
  • Nishita is a boy’s name

Neither of which is true in my case.

Actually, it means “someone who was born in twilight”, and it is a girl’s name. Never heard of a boy having the name Nishita.

The reason it sometimes gets tagged as a bad word is probably because sites that filter bad language do not allow you to enter your name as “Nishita” probably because it could be read as “Ni shit a”.

Well, now you know…

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