Wah Wahs for the Dove Haircare Range of Products


Every winter, my hair takes a severe battering because of the cold and dry weather. So much so, that I had long stopped worrying about the heavy winter hair fall and just waited it out.

However, last winter was more taxing than usual, and I felt compelled to do something about it, only I just didn’t know what.

While idling browsing a magazine at the local parlor (and trying to tune out the marketing attempts of the stylist to sell me fancy high-priced products), I saw an advertisement for the Dove Hair fall therapy series of products.

Hmmm…I might have completely forgotten about it, but that very same day, when I took my daughter loafing to RMZ Infinity, I chanced to see these products in the store.

Only, in my usual spaced out manner, I ended up buying the Dove Breakage (not hairfall) therapy series and even started using it before I realized my mistake.

Dove Breakage therapy Shampoo

Dove Breakage therapy Shampoo

However, no worries…this is a happy ending after all 🙂

The shampoo and the hair mask that I bought work wonderfully, and I am seeing a major difference within 3 weeks – as good as the pricey hair care products sold in salons.

Just hope I continue to see results. It has been my sad experience that after a few months, my hair stops responding to the shampoo and I am again on the search for a new one !

  • I thought that hair masks are supposed to be used post conditioning but I am not really sure !!! And, it might also turn hair limp if one piles products after products on the hair!!!

  • stella

    I have seen a gr8 results on my hair after using dove shampoo n conditioner.Now I recently bought a dove treatment mask,but it was directed to use regularly with dove shampoo n conditioner.In all the above posts it has been said that it is of no need to use conditioner while using a treatment mask.I got confuse.Please help.

  • hi girls,I didn’t understand one thing,if you use dove treatment mask then don’t you need to use the conditioner?Or just after shampooing your hair just have to use the treatment mask?Or you have to shampoo then use conditioner and then the treatment mask?please reply to me as soon as possible please!

    • @zeba: you wash your hair, and then put the mask and leave it on for about 5 mins and then wash it off. If you are using a mask, you don’t need conditioner.

  • Akhil

    Manasa, I just came across your question. For instructions on how to use Dove treatment mask, just peel off the sticker from the top of the container (simple as that) 🙂

  • umm but doo we use the treatment mask before or after washing and conditioning?

    • After washing your hair, in place of conditioning, you can use the hair mask

  • angela

    The reason your hair stops responding to the shampoo is because your hair needs more than just what that one shampoo is giving it and because your hair gets used to the shampoo and needs a stronger dose (like some medicines). To help, use more than one shampoo and different treatments while still keeping the dove as your main shampoo. keep your hair guessing and be sure to take your vitamins, drink lots of water and massage your scalp a little (increased bleed flow helps hair grow and may help keep follicles from shrinking (a major cause of baldness))

    • These are some useful tips, Angela. Thanks for sharing!

  • manasa

    hi Nishita,
    i just bought a dove hair fall therapy treatment mask…..but i didnt find any instruction how to use. so could u please help me asap….as i want to use it soon…thanks

    • Hi Manasa,

      It is actually pretty simple. Use it just as you would a conditioner. Take a generous quantity in your hand, and coat your hair with it, making sure that all strands are covered. It is not a shampoo, so don’t massage it in your scalp!

      Once you have coated your hair in it, just pin up your hair and wait for 5-10 mins, and then wash your hair.

      You should feel your hair is really smooth and soft after using it. If it is not, try increasing the quantity of the mask/ the duration of keeping it on your hair.

      Hope this helps…

      And thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

  • Shobha

    arre nish, then get 2-3 shampoos and keep rotating them. u’r hair wudn’t know wat hit it! thats wat i do with all my soaps, shampoos, conditioners and face washes…

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