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I have been eating out a lot lately, thanks to a suddenly blooming social life…I seem to go through these in phases, there are weekends when all I do by means of recreation is curl up under the blanket with a lovely book, and occasional trips outside to the library or meet the in-laws. After a few weeks of this, I am ready to get back into the fray of things – catching up with friends and gossiping about others 😀

Last weekend, I met up with all my ex-colleagues (from 3 companies back – amazing that we all still keep in touch !) at the spanking new Coffee Day Square in Kasturba Gandhi Road. This has got to be one of the better Coffee Day outlets in Bangalore. The space is humongous, comfortable, they also have a larger variety of stuff than the standard CCD outlet…single-origin coffees anyone ? this is the place to go to. The biggest plus of all, they have valet parking – the biggest boon for a coffee shop located bang in the heart of the city.

Cafe Coffee Day Square

Cafe Coffee Day Square

After lingering over coffees and cake, we all made our way to Rajdhani – a Rajasthani / Gujarati restaurant serving thali meals. As usual, I did not enjoy the meal ( I am not partial to thalis), ate a couple of pooris and some veggies and unsuccessfully tried to feed something to the snub-nose; she did not show any interest either. In addition, the really looong wait for the food really put me off -this wait, even after we had booked a table !

Thali meal

Thali meal

However, everything is forgiven when the company is good, and we had such a nice time that we quite forgot everything and just gave ourselves up to joking and laughing.

Came back home and somehow managed to feed the snub-nose a giant bowl of papaya to make up for the lackluster dinner…a pleasant change from her normal food and tired, she fell fast asleep as soon as she hit the bed.

Next weekend, I meet up another batch of ex-colleagues from 2 companies back…and I am already looking forward to the massive dinner I know we are going to enjoy at Nanking.

Probably, the only positive thing about changing companies is the great people you meet and befriend along the way !

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  • Ya, seriously…next time, we should plan for lunch and then extend it 😀

  • Shobha

    hear hear! loved the nanking dinner. only wish we had more time to exchange all the news we all had!

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