Yeh Lazy Lamhe


I love that song (and not because of Ameesha Patel doing her thing in the green bikini). I thought she looked horrid. But anyway, that is not the point of this post.

To me, Lazy Lamhe is just a nice, pleasant song that describes the perfect weekend. This weekend came pretty close to being one.

Partly due to the petrol strike, and partly because we are both tired after the almost non-stop socializing in December, we decided to stay home n chill.

The little snubnose is having one of those days as well. She has been sleeping continuously for the past 3.5 hours, which gives me enough time to post my blog updates. Now off to drink my third cup of tea and curl up with Brisingr – one of my guilty but fun fantasy reads. How childish of me, but I love books with maps in them (ever since I started reading my first fantasy novel – The Hobbit).

Ahhh…I am just loving it 🙂

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