Of Satyam and Shopping


I started blogging about the Satyam controversy and what a terrible start it is to the new year to so many people – the employees, the investors, and so many people whose lives and jobs may continue to get affected due to this scandal.

As I wrote, I noticed my pace of writing getting slower and slower, and I started getting more and more depressed. I felt that the world is full of dishonest people who are just out to make a fast buck and try to escape the consequences. People don’t care about each other anymore.

After about a couple of hours writing in the above fashion, I just pressed Delete on that post. Why ? It was bad enough that I was getting depressed, but I didn’t want to dump that misery on anyone else who happened to read my blog.

So, after deleting that post, I decided to take snaps of the clothes I bought during the December sales at Sanctuary. Here it goes:

Red and Yelow Top

I adored the bright red and yellow colors and the smock-type appearance of this top. Price: Rs. 300

Yellow Chamki Kurta

Yellow Chamki Kurta

I pulled this kurta out of a sale bin (original price Rs. 550, sale price Rs.225) so it is looking very crumpled here. But the material is lovely, and I loved the chamki work on the collar and sleeves. The buttons are very nice too. The sleeves are a little bit too long, but I think I can live with that 🙂

Below is a close-up of the neckline :



So did anyone else take advantage of all the sales happening currently ?

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