In Praise of the Office Cafeteria


No, the heading is not a typo. I am truly singing the praises of my office cafeteria.

So far during my professional career, I have come across the following types of cafeteria options :

  • Cheap and plentiful, but awful tasting food
  • Decent fare, but so expensive that you go outside the office and eat junk food

Well, in my new workplace, neither of the above apply. We have a variety of cuisines to choose from. No compromise on taste, or hygiene. In addition, the menu offers a balanced version of healthy and non-healthy foods. So, people who want chinese garlic noodles, chaat items, parathas, and so on can have that. And the health-conscious can choose to have a soup and salad, or sandwiches, or smoothies, the list goes on.

Hmm… the soup and salad. Now, I really need to elaborate on that. The salad variety is simply too good, and there is a lot of variation on a day-to-day basis. The fruits and vegetables used are sooper-fresh, and they actually make it look very tempting to eat. I used to hate beetroot before I started eating these salads, but now I am totally hooked on to it. In addition, they have pretty interesting variations in the soup as well. They use some exotic veggies, which you normally never get to eat. Cream of asparagus soup anyone ?

Makes my daily lunch dabba look that little bit more unappetizing 🙁

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