Aamchi Mumbai Burning!


This is the first time, I am writing on anything this horrendous. I prefer my blog to be a very happy and upbeat place. But, I guess that is not possible after 2 and a 1/2 days of non-stop TV watching and reading about the Mumbai terror attack. This week has been simply too depressing.

Some things that I saw on the TV had me wincing with shame and horror:

  • The non-stop filming of some very mundane activities and the continuous chatter of the journalist who is somehow trying to fill the time till the next explosion occurs, or the moment they can catch someone who can provide a sound-bite. I have seen posts and articles highlighting the bravery of the media. But, I am sorry to say, that to me it looked more like foolishness and getting in the way of the actual work.
  • Manmohan Singh’s speech – this was one of the most important press conferences in his life and he simply BLEW it. I mean a dummy could have showed more animation! When you contrast his speech with the soundbites the Pakistani ambassador gave on CNN, you just wince with shame. The Pakis definitely won the media war here.
  • The crowd of gawkers and rowdies hanging on the sidelines watching the tamasha. I even saw some of them with liquor bottles in their hands. Morons !
  • The Congress party – No way in hell will they win the next election after this pathetic show. They might as well just hand over the gaddi to the BJP and move on. At least, a lot of money will be saved that way.
  • The CM of Kerala- who stated that even dogs would not visit Unnikrishnan’s (martyr) house.
  • A restaurant manager of the Taj Mumbai who in an interview with the BBC was so full of self-importance that he forgot to mention the names of his staff who died saving lives in the restaurant, or to thank God he was lucky to be near the service exit and was able to move out quickly with a bunch of people. He spoke non-stop about his quick reaction, and his bravery. I applaud his actions, but the tone and the bravado were really not in keeping with the occasion, and might have hurt the sentiments of relatives / friends of others who were not as lucky as he was.

And so many more such ….if I cataloged them further, I would be even more depressed and upset. I have generally heard it say that tragedy brings out the best in people’s natures. Sad to say that this time, I feel it didn’t.

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