Bachna ae haseeno – movie review


Recently saw Bachna ae haseeno on DVD….this being a hit movie, I am sure everyone has either

  • seen the movie
  • heard enough about it, that they don’t need to read about it again

In this post, I just want to share the impressions that I took away from this movie. I really liked Ranbir Kapoor in this role. He played the casanova to the T. The heroines all look pretty fetching and did their job.

I did find some inconsistencies / improbabilities in certain aspects of the movie (particularly Bipasha’s characterization). One prime example, is that Bipasha who is living – in with Ranbir just assumes that he will marry her and take her to Australia, when he tells her that he has a job transfer. This seems highly improbable to me. Nowhere during their earlier scenes, does he mention anything about marriage. So where did this assumption come from ? Even their wedding day scene, where he has ditched her looks very unrealistic.

I did like Minissha Lamba’s section, especially the part where Ranbir returns to beg forgiveness from her. This section was pretty realistic and I could relate to her feelings, and the way she might have been impacted by his bad behavior. Her surd hubby (Kunal Kapoor) and twin boys are pretty darn cute too 🙂

Deepika looks extremely pretty and did her role fine. Her role is actually the most ill-defined one, and to me, looked extremely short. She has just the one song, while Minissha and Bipasha have two each. The ending when Deepika and Ranbir get together seems to have been edited too much.

The music is pretty nice. The locales for the songs are lovely especially the “Khuda jaane” one.

All-in-all, I did enjoy the movie. It is what I call decent timepass !

  • Dew Drop

    I think I’ll watch it 🙂 Thanks for the short and sweet review 🙂

    I know what to expect 🙂

    Keep writing,

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