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The Night Watch


This is the second Sarah Waters book I have read. The first book of hers I picked up is The Little Stranger, which I read a couple of years back for Halloween.

So, I went into reading The Night Watch expecting something in the style of The Little Stranger, writing wise, but it’s completely different. Later on, I read Fingersmith (review yet to come), and that’s completely different as well.

It’s pretty rare to find an author whose writing style varies so much from book to book.

Teaser Tuesdays: The Night Watch


I read The Night Watch a couple of weeks back, and can’t say I loved it. It was very different from the usual Sarah Waters style – experimental in its writing and tone, and it took me some time to get into it.

That said, the writing is beautiful, simply sublime. In terms of writing and maturity, this book about three lesbians in World War 2 is probably the best book she’s written.