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Stress-Free is the Way to Be


Remember in The Little Mermaid when Sebastian the crab said “the human world, it’s a mess”? It’s a bit of a brash and random take on things, but let’s stick with it. Anthropomorphic crustaceans seem to have a better grip on reality than most of us, and we’ve only got ourselves to blame. We are living in a world where we have run so fast, for so long, at something with the aim of being more productive, more useful, more thrifty, more focused – we are always looking for more without realizing that it’s going to take a lot less for us to achieve what we really need.

Upcoming Vacation Stress


Next week, I am going on a short holiday to Chennai. I can't really call it a holiday as no one (positively no one) would want to visit Chennai during the peak of the summer season. I am actually going there to attend my cousin's wedding. Although I am really looking forward to the break, I ...

Blogging stress


Just how stressful is blogging ? Reading this article in the New York Times I get an impression about bloggers at work all hours of the day and night posting articles and dying of the stress (somewhat similar to stories that I used to hear about hard-working Japanese executives who would collapse and die at work). Now, ...