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The Silkworm (and my participation in the Cloak and Dagger reading challenge)


After back-to-back reading challenge fails, here I am trying one again. This time, instead of attempting something completely out of my league, I thought I’d try focusing on a genre I really enjoy – thrills and spills. Hence, the cloak and dagger reading challenge hosted by Stormi @ Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My!

Japanese Literature Reading Challenge? And me?


I have always followed Dolce Belezza's Japanese Literature Reading Challenge project with interest. I liked reading all about the writers and stuff, but never felt motivated enough to join. Why? I guess because Japanese literature has always seemed too out there for me...a little too esoteric, a little too dry and unemotional. Also, I read ...

Once Upon a Time There was a Reading Challenge…


After last year's utter and complete Reading Challenge disaster where I did not manage to complete even one, I decided to really take it easy with the reading challenges. However, my resolution frequently becomes dented when I come across such beautiful imagery tempting me to commit myself to reading challenge doom. The Once Upon a ...