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Seven Effective Ways to Remain Active All Day


Life’s crazy, isn’t it? Individually we live our own lives but it’s kind of beautiful that our lives merge with that of others. Sometimes life is kind, other times it’s like getting pooped on by a bird.

No matter what or where the day takes us it’s important to stay active. Too many of us sit around like couch potatoes. You may be in luck though. There are a bunch of ways to stay active all day and keep busy.

How to Get a Lean and Muscular Body?


You have started a stringent weight loss program, which is why you are pumping iron and breaking into a sweat regularly. You are also doing all the cardio, but all this is not enough for you to lose the desired amount of weight in a specified time frame.

If you want to meet the goal of looking lean, then you must follow a diet which will make you lean. It doesn’t matter that you work hard for more than an hour in the gym every day, but you are left with 23 hours in your hand. In these hours only a single diet mistake may affect your workout.

Remember, consuming the right kind of diet is as important as your exercise and it is called the backbone of your weight loss plan. You cannot have a lean and muscular body unless you follow a strict diet plan.

A Fitness Update


Some of you more observant readers might have noticed that I recently added tai chi to my exercise list in the A Brief Bio widget on this page. This is a part of my overall resolution to bump up my fitness levels back to my pre-snubnose levels. For the past couple of years, I just left ...