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The Beach – Book Versus Movie


I first read The Beach by Alex Garland when it was first published almost 12 years ago. I read it during a long flight and considering I always feel sleepy while traveling, I don’t think I did much justice to it. Ended up feeling somewhat underwhelmed.

The Beach is a story of Richard a young American backpacker who wants to be a traveler (not a tourist). When he visits Thailand he wants a unique experience. He wants to stray off the tourist beaten track. He meets a stranger who befriends him and talks to him about a lonely secret beach on an isolated island, and gives him a map to the place. Richard decides to explore the beach, and he convinces a young French couple to go with him. What follows next is a strange combination of Lord of the Flies and Stranger in a Strange Land.

Since I didn’t care too much for the book and because the movie had poor reviews, I wasn’t expecting any great stuff when I caught the movie last week. But, I ended up being pleasantly surprised.

Christmas Shopping …and Other News!


Why am I shopping? Well, we are travelling. Yippee! We are taking the snubnose to Disneyland in Hong Kong, after which we plan on a little R & R in Thailand (Pattaya, Phuket, and Bangkok), with a detour to Macau. I am so excited that the plans I was mysteriously referring to here finally seem to be happening.

We have planned this trip since October, but K needed to get his passport renewed, and it took ages for the new passport to come. We were almost on the verge of cancelling our travel plans when last week it finally turned up. Whew! Two whole months of stress 🙁 . Thankfully, both Thailand and Hong Kong have visa on entry, so we don’t have to worry about getting visas before we travel. We would never have made it otherwise.

Anyway, all that stress is now forgotten, and it was now time to shop for the trip 🙂 .