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Assam, Meghalaya. And Lonavala?


To get over the mid-week slump, I thought I’d share some photos of my happy trip to Assam and Meghalaya.

These are simply random images that somehow did not make it into my regular travel blog posts – because I hadn’t got around to editing, or I was wary of dumping too many photos in one post, or some other random reason.

However, these pics are too good not to share, and they bring back some happy memories, so I am reliving the fun I had while traveling through this photo post.

So, here comes the photo dump (photos in no particular order).

Make the most of digital photography with these tips


Treasuring special moments is something that countless people all over the world wish for. And with digital photography making its presence felt in the hands of both amateurs and professionals, capturing the perfect photos is no longer a dream! Here are some smart tips to make your photography experience better, whether you are a newbie in this field or have significant experience.

Adorable Dog and Baby Love


It's obvious I am running a little low on content this week when I start posting cutesy images that I find on the web. I spent this weekend writing the longest, rambliest, most personal post, spent all my self-allocated blogging time to it, got something I really love, but now am too chicken to post ...

Wordless Wednesdays – Lalbagh Flower Show


These are some late photos from the Lalbagh flower show.

Every year on Republic Day, flower shows are organized at the Lalbagh Botanical Garden. The event is jointly organised by Department of Horticulture and Mysore Horticulture Society, and is one of my most favorite events to attend.

It can get very crowded though, and so this time I opted not to take the kids – just me and my camera.

Bangalore – Heaven amidst hell


I was on a photography trip a couple of weeks back. Only instead of taking candid shots of the kids or the pup, or lovely stuff, or verdant Cubbon Park that I like to do (and share on Instagram), I have been taking ugly photos of Bangalore, of the havoc that the heavy rains caused on our roads.

I guess I was bored stuck in traffic jams (sometimes for a record 3 hours), just to travel a 5-km wide stretch of Outer Ring Road to get to my office.

WW: Lepakshi Temple


Running way, way behind on updating the blog. So behind that sometimes it doesn't even make sense after a while. Hence this photo post of a trip to Lepakshi temple. Hope you like them. And if you are ever visiting Bangalore, this is a must-do day trip. Amazing place. Amazing art and sculpture.

WW: View From the top


Makalidurga is about 2 hours drive north of Bangalore, and is a popular trekking place. This place first became famous after a tragedy that occurred on October 31 1991, when a boulder rolled down the hill to hit a passing train killing about 30 people. Now it's just a popular weekend destination for hiking, and ...