The Chandelier Made of Human Bones at Sedlec Ossuary

The Black Angel

Ever on the lookout for good thrillers, I checked out The Black Angel by John Connelly from the library (Just Books, yep I eventually switched libraries and I am extremely content with the change :) . Th...
The Brothers Karamazov

The Brothers Karamazov – The Finale

After the pace and excitement of part III, I went into part IV with great expectations. Unfortunately, the book does not quite deliver. I expected a lot more from Dmitri's trial. I found these sections (the ...
The Poet

The Poet

This is the year of thrillers, it seems. Last year, I read lots of young adult and fantasy, but this is the year of thrillers, and here is one more that I am reviewing for you guys. I spent last night wi...