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Christmas and Post – Christmas Festivities


Christmas was quiet and a blast all at the same time. The normally temperate weather suddenly turned chill and both the kids had that I’m going to get sick any moment look. Piglet’s cheeks were flushed and eyes watery, while Snubnose started wheezing.



Now that all the overindulgence of holidays + new year is done with, it's time to bring out the hoary, old resolutions and try to attempt them this year at least. Just like every year, my resolutions haven't changed drastically, and neither did I seriously attempt them beyond a few months. But anyway, according to Susan ...

Happy New Year everyone!


Happy new year everyone. Hope you all had a fun-filled New Year's eve. We certainly did. Had a quiet dinner party at home with friends, ate a lot , drank a lot, and generally had a blast. Spending the first day of the new year surfing the web for annual forecasts for the year 2009. Here ...