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Coorg Weekend Getaway


Mid-July, Snubnose and I took a short weekend break with my work friends to Coorg. True, it is right in the middle of the monsoon, and we fully expected our trip to be a washout. However, though it rained off and on, the weather was overall very pleasant, and we ended up having a great time.

This time, we spent a lot of time in Coorg proper (Madikeri) and nearby places. We stayed at the Coorg Heights resort, which is a nice resort up slope, with sweeping views of the hills and valleys around.

The Wonderful Dussehra Festival of Mysore


Mysore Dasara (Dussehra) is the most glorious state festival of Karnataka. It is one of the biggest festivals of Hindu religion and celebrated for 9 nights before the fall of Dussehra on tenth day. It is believed that on this day Lord Rama killed evil Ravana which is marked as a victory of good over evil. People have been celebrating this festival for the last 600 years and it has become a great tourist attraction because of its grandeur and historical significance.

Conflicted About Zoos


I seriously don’t know what I feel about housing animals in zoos. In principle, I can’t stand the thought of animals caged up, but then I think of issues like conservation and the fact that we would probably never get to see and learn about these awesome animals if not for the fact that zoos exist, and then I feel so torn.