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Conflicted About Zoos


I seriously don’t know what I feel about housing animals in zoos. In principle, I can’t stand the thought of animals caged up, but then I think of issues like conservation and the fact that we would probably never get to see and learn about these awesome animals if not for the fact that zoos exist, and then I feel so torn.

Ranganthithu and Mysore Unposted


Here are a few outtakes taken by a friend on our road trip to Mysore and Coorg last month.

My camera was malfunctioning on the first day and I am grateful that he shared these snaps with me so I have some nice photographic memories of the Snubnose’s birthday trip 🙂 .

In Search of Tigers


Last weekend, Snubnose and I did a short road trip to celebrate her birthday. We went with some of my office friends and even though Snubnose was the only child around, she had a blast. We headed south down Mysore Road stopping at Ranganthittu for a little bird-watching. My camera was malfunctioning there and I was ...