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Chaos Walking – Books 2 and 3


After hugely enjoying The Knife of Never Letting go, I decided to go ahead and read the rest of the books in the trilogy at one go.

Is reading all three books back to back a good idea? Truth is, I don’t know. I struggled a bit with The Ask and the Answer (second book), but was able to fully get into Monsters of Men (the third and final book).

So, is this series worth binging? Well, it is and isn’t, and I”ll go into the details in my individual book reviews, and you can decide how you want to read these books. Overall though, I wouldn’t suggest binge-reading it.

The Knife of Never Letting Go


The Knife of Never Letting Go is the first book in the Chaos Walking trilogy – yet another dystopian series. When the books first came on my radar, I rolled my eyes at them and put them right out of my mind.
And then the positive reviews on all three books in my Wordpress blog feed. This is quite rare for a trilogy, usually my enthusiasm dies down when it comes to the second or third book (thinking of that Tearling series, or the Divergent series). And these positive reviews from some very critical bloggers helped me make up my mind.