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My First Tag of 2010

My reading efforts and my life in general has been pretty lacklustre of late. Nothing eventful to blog about. Couple of weeks back, the snubnose was down with pneumonia. In the ensuing worry, leave from office,...
The Poet

The Poet

This is the year of thrillers, it seems. Last year, I read lots of young adult and fantasy, but this is the year of thrillers, and here is one more that I am reviewing for you guys. I spent last night wi...
The Good Guy

The Good Guy

Always on the prowl for a good suspense thriller writer ala John Sandford or Michael Connelly, I stumbled onto Dean Koontz, and took a chance on “The Good Guy”. Dean Koontz is not a new author, he has be...

Moscow Rules

I am a big fan of thrillers, in particular if there is any serialization involved (a single character appearing in multiple novels - and there is a particular order in which the books should ideally be read). ...