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This festive season return to old time traditional jewelry


This festive season return to old-time traditional jewelry.

You have cleaned your house and get ready to greet the guests at home for Diwali wishes. You may have been invited to a Diwali party or you simply wish to visit your friends and relatives to wish them. Whatever is the occasion or reason you must be puzzled about which jewelry you should wear?

Indian Gold Jewelry for Every Special Occasion


Cosmetic, jewelry and apparels are three main interconnected concepts that women go crazy for! A woman’s attire is never complete if any of these components are unmatched with the other. Needless to say that jewelry is the most expensive part of a woman’s wardrobe and is also an necessary accessory for bringing out that elite and attractive look. In fact the feel of beauty and grace is largely generated by beautiful jewelry. Ornaments are crafted with various types of materials and styles.

Five Essential Things You Should Know Before You Buy an Engagement Ring


People often don’t realize how much stress is involved in shopping for and picking an engagement ring, especially when it’s your first time shopping for one. However, it is wise to be thoroughly informed about the buying process before you even start shopping. With a few simple pointers, anyone can discern what makes a ring a good deal or a dud. Here are some of the things everybody should consider before they buy an engagement ring.

Popular reasons why you should buy your Wedding Jewelry Online


When it comes to jewelry, there is nothing that beats Indian jewelry. The exquisite designs that are handcrafted by experienced craftsman stand second to none other. These designs are a product of years of culture coming together. The stunning combinations of colors and cuts make these designs unique and every bride wants unique. The striking ...

Tips on Choosing the Right Anniversary Rings


Being married is an ongoing struggle for most people and will take a lot of work to make things last. Hitting important anniversary milestones is a big deal for most couples and a reason for them to celebrate. Taking the time to recognize these milestones and celebrate them with your significant other is a big ...

Anjolee Jewelry


I might have mentioned before that I am totally turning into this major jewelry girl. Of late, I just can’t seem to stop myself from picking up a trinket or two from practically everywhere.

The one thing I restrained myself from is buying jewelry online. I mean, how would I judge the quality? I always felt the need to touch and feel and try on before I buy something. But that’s what I used to think initially too about shoes and clothes, and now I feel totally comfortable buying them online. So why not jewelry as well, and if it comes to that, why not fine jewelry? With this thought in mind, I have been stalking the fine jewelry website Anjolee for some time now. They have a fantastic selection of the most delicate diamond jewelry and I’ve been eyeing a couple of pieces for some time.

Going Bat-shit Crazy Over Swarovski


When things are dull or stressful, or just plain painful in my life, I have always distracted myself with either food or shopping – not a good habit I know, and I am trying my best to cut down on both, but somehow while my efforts with food have been pretty good, I can’t say the same with shopping.

One thing that I have absolutely banished from my life is online shopping.

Vacation- Days 1 and 2


It’s been a bit of a challenge to decide exactly how much of my vacation to describe in my blog posts.

The easiest way to go about it is to describe my trip in blocks of days and hopefully manage to make it exciting rather than just a narration of events.

So, here I go