Private Berlin

Christopher Schneider is an agent with an elite investigation team, Private, at their Berlin office. Mysteriously, he has disappeared, and his fellow agent and ex-fiancée, Mattie, and the rest of the t...
Guilty Wives by James Patterson and David Ellis

Guilty Wives

Guilty Wives by James Patterson and David Ellis On a girls only ultra-glamorous vacation to Monte Carlo, four women get entangled in a high-profile murder. Before you can say boo, they are tried, found guilty,...
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My First Tag of 2010

My reading efforts and my life in general has been pretty lacklustre of late. Nothing eventful to blog about. Couple of weeks back, the snubnose was down with pneumonia. In the ensuing worry, leave from office,...

Witch & Wizard

Yet another one of James Patterson's series books meant for young adults. Seriously, how many such series books has he got going on right now? Witch & Wizard deals with brother-sister teens - Whit an...


Everyone needs to read something a little mind-numbing from time to time, right? After the mammoth The Brothers Karamazov, I really needed to read something very light. And to a great extent, Cross fits...