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#PrestigeKey2017 – The Real Estate Mecca


If you are on the lookout for some real-estate deals in Bengaluru (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), then the Prestige Keys event at ITC Gardenia this weekend is the place to be.

Last week, I had mentioned that I was very excited for this event because of the very real offers the event promised for some high-quality real estate.

And when I went there, I have to say the event was all that it promised and more.

Signature Mornings @ITCHotels – Carefully Sourced and Mindfully Prepared


On Sunday, World Environment Day, the folks at ITC Gardenia called me over to brief me about the measures they take towards sustainable luxury (more on that in an upcoming post). We met up for breakfast and tried their Signature Mornings offerings. This is their healthy offering where apart from their regular breakfast buffet at Cubbon Pavilion, ...

The Spring Asparagus Sojourn at Ottimo, ITC Gardenia


Inspired by the Spring weather in Italy, Chefs Vittorio and Sasha from Ottimo, ITC Gardenia have come up with a set of unique dishes that showcase all the best qualities of the asparagus – both green and white versions.

And of course K and I had to visit and try out their delectable creations.

Arigato Edo


When I received an invite from the wonderful people at ITC Gardenia to give their Japanese fine dining restaurant Edo a try, I was in two minds.

Being a vegetarian, did it really make sense for me to accept a blogger review invitation where most of the dishes would be beyond me? I mean, what would I even talk about?

Sri Lankan – South Indian Fusion Food Fest at Cubbon Pavilion in ITC Gardenia


The Cubbon Pavilion restaurant in ITC Gardenia is hosting a special food event (from February 26th to March 6th) showcasing the food of Southern Tamil Nadu that has absorbed the Sinhalese culinary techniques and ingredients. I'm increasingly prone to eating simply these days, so when I got an invite to try South-Indian/Sinhalese food, I was ...

Ottimo Presents – The Fire of Italy


If you are an Italian food buff, or even just a plain ole foodie, run don’t walk to the The Fire of Italy food festival that runs in Ottimo Cucina Italia, ITC Gardenia from January 22nd till January 31st.

This saturday, K, Piglet, and I braved manic Saturday-night party traffic and hiked it all the way over to ITC Gardenia (we live in the back of beyond, and getting anywhere is a huge ask from us), to try the menu offerings from the Fire of Italy range.

Totally worth it though, and here I am sharing just why I think the food at Ottimo rocks (in general) and in specific talk about The Fire of Italy.