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PressReader – An iPad App Review


PressReader app PressReader is an app that provides a gateway to read newspapers from multiple publications across the world. It has options to download and read over 2100 newspapers. Wow! I hadn't heard of this awesome app until the folks at PressReader offered me a trial subscription, and I have been hooked on it ...

The Canterbury Tales


Whew! I am finally back with a book review. I really didn't expect to take such a long blogging and book break. But life's been hectic and I have had a severe case of mommy brain --just haven't been able to focus long enough on any one task without cocking up my ears to check ...

Apple iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 750


I've been a happy owner of the original Apple iPad for more than a year now. It's an awesome tablet and everyone in the house is completely happy with it. But, how does it compare with the competition one year later? Sadly, not so good. The new Samsung Galaxy tab comes chock-full of interesting features, and I ...