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Hangover on 12th Main Road in Indra Nagar celebrated its first anniversary recently, and they did it in style with a lovely printed invite to our house. Hangover does some marvelous alcohol, so in spite of release deadlines and everything, we cleared up our calendars for the evening to go visit.

Eating an Honest Meal at Onesta


Onesta is a very popular restaurant in Koramangala, which thankfully has opened a new branch in Indra Nagar as well, closer to my side of town. A good thing because this is one joint I’m pretty sure I will frequent quite often.

Onam Weekend – A Photo Diary


Onam weekend was so hectic I didn't know whether I was coming or going. We had so many things planned for the day, we just about managed to squeeze everything. First up was Snubnose's art class, which is usual. However, this saturday was also the Kids for Change Carnival, and she badly wanted to attend it ...