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Travel plans for 2018


My rejuvenating trip to Assam and Meghalaya last November made me realize that just a week’s travel can do wonders to the mind and soul.

And unlike previous years where I always planned travel at the last minute, this year one of my resolutions is to be a little more smart about it. The idea is to decide in advance on travel plans so that I am not caught napping when vacation time comes and prices are sky-high.

The Whole Tata #HexaExperience


If you’ve been following me on social media (Instagram, Twitter), then you wouldn’t have missed all the excitement we had over the new Tata Hexa SUV that is being launched in January 2017 (pre-bookings start from next week).

To promote their new vehicle Tata planned a big event in conjunction with indiblogger, inviting around 60 bloggers from all over India to come to Hyderabad and experience the Hexa in person.



I must be having food on my brain, so many of my recent posts are food-oriented. Anyway, if food is on my mind, it definitely has to be on my blog and so here is another food-related post :). While in Goa, my friends and I were discussing how cool it would have been to have easy ...