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The Benefits of Stain Resistant Carpets


Are you looking to replace the flooring in your home? Maybe you are building a new house and you need to decide which type of flooring you’re going to install? If so, then you should consider stain resistant carpet. There are many benefits that stain resistant carpet provides, which we will learn more about below.

How Your Bedroom Design Can Improve Your Sleep


The main purpose of every bedroom is sleep. A bedroom is often a personal space, particularly for children and teenagers, who use it to show their interests and hobbies. But no matter how personal to you it is, how you choose to decorate your bedroom has a strong influence on how well you sleep. If you are not getting a good night’s sleep, take a look around you and see what you could change.

How to Design the Perfect Vintage Kids Room


When designing your perfect kids room, there are many directions to go in, but one of the biggest issues parents face is choosing a decor and a colour scheme that can transition with your child throughout the years. If you’re looking for a classic, timeless, and warm design scheme for your children’s room, consider going the vintage route. Taking inspiration from simple clean lines and heritage colours like deep blues, autumnal yellows, and pastel pinks will allow you to craft a space for your child that will never go out of style.

Ways To Re Use Christmas Lights All Year Round


Christmas lights are one of the best parts of the holidays. These strings of lights just make the entire house look magical. However, you might be a bit depressed whenever you have to take down these lights. Not only do you lose that magic of hanging lights, but you have to find more storage space to put them up in. However, why do you have to take them down? There are plenty of ways to re-use your Christmas lights all year round if you put a little bit of thought into it. Keep reading to learn about the top ways to do just that!

Ingenious Ways to Increase Space in any Room of Your Home


Every home requires more space. No matter how big your mountain estate villa or small your studio apartment is, you are probably looking for ways to maximize the living space your home to make it feel palatial and welcoming. There are six rooms in your home where you spend most of your time and there are six clever ways you can add more functional space to each room, even if you cannot increase the footprint.

If you’ve been wondering how you can add more space to that cramped bathroom cabinet or trying to figure out how you can add a home office in your bedroom, here are six ingenious tips that will help.

Five Things to Consider Before Buying a Massage Chair


So, you’re thinking of finally caving in and buying a massage chair? Great idea! Massage chairs are excellent ways to work on your back pain and do some relaxing, all from the comfort of your own home. Can you think of anything better than coming home after a long day at work and sitting down in your awesome massage chair? We certainly can’t!

However, there are plenty of things that you should think about before you make this big investment. Relaxation does come with plenty of customization options and price levels, so you’ve got to really think about this before you make a final purchase. Keep reading below to learn more!

Things To Buy Your Kids For Their Shared Bedroom


As children grow up, they want to exercise their sense of individuality, develop their personality, and explore their interests, and they tend to want their own space to do it in. It can be tricky, therefore, when they have to share their bedroom with a sibling.

It’s common for many families, and it’s a totally normal and healthy way for children to grow up. They learn a lot about compromise, respecting other people’s privacy, and also about keeping things to themselves. There are difficulties, though, and it’s important to acknowledge them and try to make things easier, and there are even a few things you can buy which can help. If your kids have to share a room, don’t despair, just keep on reading for some great ideas for what to buy to help keep the peace.

Five Ways to Keep Your Backyard Healthy


Why do some gardens always look great while others constantly look like they are barely clinging on to life? A lot of it is proper care and maintenance which will take some time and effort. Mostly however, healthy looking gardens are the result of applying a few basic but essential gardening principles. Let us take a ...

Seven Surprisingly Low Budget Home Decor Ideas


Sometimes you can look at your house and wonder how you can make it look a lot nicer than it does. Or give it just a little bit of a spruce that will impress your guests.

But then you look at your bank account and sigh. There’s just not enough in there for a big home renovation. So, you go back to your day and continue to day dream.

However, what if I told you there are a ton of low budget home décor ideas out there to make your home look fantastic? No matter if it’s just a bit of carpet cleaning or adding some more pops of color around the house, the below items are sure to work with your budget.

Five Tips for Budget Friendly Summer Home Renovation


There is never really a cheap time to make some much needed renovations to your home. You’re more likely to add “breaking the bank” to the list of things that need to be fixed. Competitive markets don’t necessarily mean the end to some of your renovation needs.

It’s possible with a strict budget to be able to get a lot done without spending too much. There’s no tricks or gimmicks, just a handful of tips to help guide you to accomplish all, if not most of yours tasks this summer. Put on your construction hats ladies and gentlemen, here are 5 tips for budget friendly summer home renovations.