L.A Confidential Movie Poster

Movies I Watched Over the Weekend

I saw L.A Confidential the first time when it released, and I enjoyed it very much, but really all memory for this movie was drowned when I saw Titanic a week or so later. If you asked me anything about this mo...

War of the Worlds – Book vs Movie

Yesterday, I watched War of the Worlds, the Steven Spielberg directed, Tom Cruise starring movie based on H.G.Wells excellent sci-fi thriller. The book was one of my favorites - a chilling story of a Martia...

The A-Team

Watched The A-Team in the cinema yesterday, and totally amazed at the nonsense that is coming out of Hollywood these days. In our desi (Indian) slang, we all unanimously categorized it as "bundle" aka nonsense....
Don't they look good as a pair?

Finding Neverland

I think I am in a very strange mood these days. I have been watching too many sappy movies and reading too many sappy books; and shedding so many tears that Mr.K has been left scratching his head whether it is ...