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A Holi Weekend


Holi is not one of my favorite festivals. First up, it’s not something we as South Indian traditionally celebrate, so I never grew up celebrating Holi – it has no cultural resonance for me.

Another aspect of Holi I’ve always disliked is the color throwing aspect. It technically sounds like fun, I’ve enjoyed it in the movies, but the one time I actually played Holi before, I realized I was totally uncomfortable with strangers touching my face to put color on it, and the hooliganism aspect also was a bit too much for me.

So, all these years I’ve happily evaded all Holi celebrations preferring to sit peacefully at home and relax.

Snubnose Trying on a Tie-Dye T-shirt of her own Making


In her school, as part of the Holi celebrations, all students were asked to bring a white t-shirt to school, which they would tie-dye. The snubnose dutifully took her t-shirt to school and came back with such a fabulously coloured t-shirt that I was quite surprised. Here are some shots of her preening in front of ...