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Piglet Parties in his Pajamas


Sorry for the cheesy heading for this post, but I can never resist the opportunity for a good alliteration ;) . Piglet's 2nd birthday came and went without us even noticing it. Piglet was ill with a bad case of viral fever and snubnose in spite of feeling poorly was valiantly in the thick of ...

A Meta-Physical or Some Such Conversation with Snubnose


Recently, snubnose has really expanded her thinking. In school, she is currently learning about the earth, the rotation and revolution of it, the seasons, and the day/night circles...all good things. But, I love how she tries to use what she learns and come up with new theories. Read on for some major meta-physical/philosophical stuff... Snubnose: I have an idea, ...

Ride-on Dilemma


Piglet is fast outgrowing his stroller, so much so that he looks positively ridiculous sitting in it. I realized this during our trip to Chennai, when he got up and started walking around still strapped in the stroller dragging it wherever he went!!! It was so funny to see, I dropped my phone from laughing ...