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My Ideal Yatra


Every year, I start by planning the ideal holiday. It usually involves perusing a number of travel blogs, visiting a number of travel booking sites, doing tons of currency conversions.

All of this is then followed by tons of wishful thinking. Maybe we will get upgraded to business or first class, maybe I will win a couple of tickets (btw, this actually happened once when we won a holiday to Sri Lanka)!

Five Perfect Diwali Getaways in India


Diwali is already around the corner and people are busy cleaning and decorating their house; shopping for their family and friends. Some of you would be early waiting for the lights and crackers, while some would be planning to run away from this entire hullabaloo.

If you are one of those who is planning to run away from all the city noise and have a perfect Diwali vacation with loved ones, then pat your back you just made one of the best decisions of your life.

{Almost} Wordless Wednesdays: Goa Then and Now


Looking at old travel photos is one of my favorite timepass activities. It’s amazing how things differ and yet stay the same.

Take the snubnose for instance, I love to skim through old photos and see how she’s grown and developed over the years.

We took a whole bunch of photos during our recent trip to Goa. While sorting through them, I thought it would be fun to post a then and now series of shots juxtaposing our first trip to Goa side-by-side with our recent trip to south Goa.

Eating our Way Through Goa


Last week, we went on a short trip to Goa. When I say we, I mean only the snubnose and I. It was a girls only bonding trip with a couple of my friends and their girls. This was also the first vacay I took without K post our wedding, so another milestone for me.

This holiday was a very basic one – food, booze, friends, and lots of swimming. We had a blast :).

The Sea of Innocence


Goa, south India. A beautiful holiday hideaway where hippies and backpackers while away the hours. But beneath the clear blue skies lies a dirty secret… Simran Singh is desperate for a break and some time away from her busy job as a social worker-come-crime investigator. And so the unspoilt idyll of Goa seems just the place ...

Vacation- Days 1 and 2


It’s been a bit of a challenge to decide exactly how much of my vacation to describe in my blog posts.

The easiest way to go about it is to describe my trip in blocks of days and hopefully manage to make it exciting rather than just a narration of events.

So, here I go