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Weekly diaries


So, I’m back with another diary style post. This week has been a bit quiet – mostly been busy with work but still I think I have enough material for a weekly diary post.

Last weekend I went to Oko to try out their Mandarin Calling food fest, and I had the best time. I’m realizing of late that events like Oko are the ones that I like and most want to attend. Great ambiance, food, a friendly PR, and the fact that I got to visit it with friends made me feel so comfortable and relaxed, and I think that genuine pleasure in the day reflects in my blog post.

I attend blog events only once a week or once in two weeks. That is partly because I don’t have too many PR contacts or blog visibility, but it is also because I turn down a lot of events that don’t interest me, fit into my day job schedule, or involve a stressful trip across town. This is also why I suck as a lifestyle blogger. Just too damn lazy.

TV Shows That Give me Travel Goals


Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

Everyone who travels and loves travelling resonates with this quote. Often while binge watching our favorite TV shows we can’t help gape at the beautiful locations where these shows are shot and that’s when we have major wanderlust. Here are 5 TV shows that gave me serious travel goals.

Buying into some quirk at Happoz


I have been on the hunt for some Game of Thrones inspired merchandise available in India for some time now. I trawled through ebay.in and some other sites, but never really saw anything that I liked and that I could justify buying – as in get some use out of it. I have no interest in keepsakes, collectibles, or showpieces. Anything I get must have a use.

Four Missing Plot Points in Game of Thrones


Season 6 of Game of Thrones was a corker throwing surprises at us with every episode, and I have to say I enjoyed each one of these surprises. At the beginning of the season, when it dawned on me that this is a whole new twist on the books, I formed the grand intention of blogging about each episode, only for it to die a natural death – been too slammed with work on all fronts.

So, it was a really pleasant surprise when Kate Lee contacted me asking if she could post her thoughts on the show vs the books for posting on my blog.