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Fotor – an alternative to Picmonkey


If you are a regular Picmonkey user, you might be a little distressed to learn that it’s no longer free. If you are looking for alternatives, then may I suggest Fotor – a free online image editing tool?

I have been using Fotor for much of my image editing needs for the blog, and it does the job perfectly. It’s also very simple and intuitive to use for someone who doesn’t necessarily have a lot of design experience.

Designing Christmas Cards With Fotor


Are you running late with Christmas and New Year Eve’s greeting cards? Postal services too slow for you? Well, if you’ve been napping, or busy in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and frankly who hasn’t? We’ve all been busy with closing out work before the year ends. Then online customized greeting cards are the way to go.

And Fotor is the app to use to create the sweetest and most easy to customize greeting cards.

Fotor’s Amazing New Design Options


I have mentioned a couple of times about my love for Fotor's photo-editing capabilities on this blog. The site is simple and easy to use to do minor tweaks to photos and create collages. Now, the site has gone through a full refresh, with a whole new cool look. They've also introduced a graphic design feature ...