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Move Over Paris and Milan: Five Countries with a Brewing Fashion Scene


We’ll always have Paris.

~ a line made famous in the movie Casablanca

Fashion pundits worldwide WILL always have Paris, and Milan too; though something is brewing and the fashion forward are already across it. Fresh perspectives, payment of respect to the need for functionality and style, and a ‘because we can’ attitude bolstered by a desire to lead rather than follow is giving life to fashion destinations across the globe.

The sum of Snubnose’s Ambitions


How I long for the simple childhood days when everything seemed possible. As we get older, our options just seem to get narrower, or at least it feels that way when I listen to the snubnose earnestly pondering about what she’ll do when she’s an adult.

Every year (and I am quite impressed that her ambitions even last a year), snubnose changes her mind about her future career, and I love how varied her choices have been so far.