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Fotor – an alternative to Picmonkey


If you are a regular Picmonkey user, you might be a little distressed to learn that it’s no longer free. If you are looking for alternatives, then may I suggest Fotor – a free online image editing tool?

I have been using Fotor for much of my image editing needs for the blog, and it does the job perfectly. It’s also very simple and intuitive to use for someone who doesn’t necessarily have a lot of design experience.

Downloading Videos from Facebook // Guest Post


Over the past decade, Facebook has grown from a one-college networking website to the most popular social media website in the world. It has redefined the way people interact with each other. It has become so big that other successful social media platforms have become actively willing to change their ways to better suit Facebook. ...

Created a new Facebook Page


I have always been ambivalent about Facebook and have never used it for anything more than commenting on friends' status and photos. I have seen other bloggers use Facebook very efficiently to promote their blogs, and have been thinking that I need a Facebook page just for this blog alone. The idea is to promote blog ...

Social Media Experiments


Lately, I've tried out some new tools to increase my social media space, all with varying degrees of success. I first heard of Klout through my Twitter feed when someone posted their klout scores. I knew immediately that I had to go and take a look-see. What is klout? It's an online tool that people use to measure ...

My Five Essential iPad Apps


I have mentioned loving the iPad in an earlier post. In this post, I will list and describe in specific the iPad apps that I am addicted enough to turn to everyday...because after all any Apple product is ultimately about the apps, right? So, here we go: iBooks: I’m in love with the design of this app. Since ...

Has Anyone Tried Posterous Yet?


I am probably very late to the Posterous party, and everybody already knows everything there is to know about it; but still I need to think through Posterous out loud and hopefully, you guys can tolerate my rambling on about yet another blogging/social networking tool. So, what is posterous? It is apparently the "simplest, easiest, ...